What a rambling post…

26 01 2007

So Mondays from now until April, Prison Break, Heroes and 24 on the same night. Now it’s not so much that I’m tied onto watching them at a certain time, because I have all week. And it’s not as if I mong out in front of the TV flicking through the channels either. In fact I barely even watch it unless I’m looking for a specific program. Then it’s off with the TV and on with my life (online). But my situation right now does remind of this classic Homer quote from season 5, Secrets of a successful marriage.

Marge: {Uh, we don’t think you’re slow. On the other hand, it’s not
like you go to museums or read books or anything.}
Homer: {You think I don’t want to? It’s those TV networks, Marge: they
won’t let me. One quality show after another, each one fresher
and more brilliant than the last. If they only stumbled once,
just gave us thirty minutes to ourselves, [puts head on table,
pounds fist
] but they won’t! They won’t let me live! [sobs]}

At the time he was being sarcastic, but TV’s changed, and thats how I feel right now! For realsies! Anywho, another thing I noticed when I was searching for this quote were reviews of the episode just after it aired back in 1994. Season 5 is widely regarded as the pinnacle of The Simpson reign, and this episode was fool of timeless classics, but for some of these viewers, they were about ready to give up:-

Tom Celentano: I hate to say it, but the season finale was not very funny. There was some good satire, as always, and a few good laughs, but this show seems to be in decline. The repeat, about Grandpa Simpson, was hysterical even after I’ve seen it 4 times. Maybe those who want Conan O’Brien off late night are right. He’d be better back on The Simpsons.

Don Del Grande: D – this was an absolute let-down for the end of the season. The story was flat from the beginning, and the occasional joke was greeted with a reaction of “hahahaha – oh, back to the story”. Haven’t there been enough “Homer does something to break up the marriage” episodes? (“Jacques to be Wild” and “War of the Simpsons” come to mind.)

Yours Truly: Uh oh. This was the season finale? It had Homer’s engrossing stupidity and meanness from “Boy Scoutz” combined with the unrealism of Mindy’s attraction to Homer in “Last Temptation”. (Homer, the teacher? Get real.) Not many good laughs. D.

The “unrealism”? Your lead character is yellow with four fingers, never ages and your worried about realism? I would love to see what these poeple had to say about the last 7 years of The Simpsons.. maybe they are still reviewing them, who knows. I should applaud them for the standard of TV they aspire to watch, but it just seems faintly ridiculous 10 years later, in the era of zelebrity. Read reviews of every episode at snpp.com. (How the hell did I get from Heroes to Homer in less than two paragraphs??)




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