Hi-Def T&A

29 01 2007

Is that what you want? When it comes to enhanced video technology, nothing gets consumers buying new equipment like the flesh. VHS, DVD Pay-Per-View and the internet were all built on a solid foundation of pornography. Men not getting any at home, tired of their wives or just looking for something new, all heading down to the electrical store to buy the latest gizmo that will bring them closer to Jenna Jameson and Kobe Tai. Happy Days.

So you can imagine that a huge driver of HD will be the ability to see all closeups of the adult industry, warts (he he) and all. But an article in the New York Times (needs registration) suggests that it is not working out the way they planned, with viewers actually turned off by the sight of their favourite performer in the not so pixellated buff.  What’s this? Porn watchers, not happy with reality?? No way! But yea, there are a few interviews on there with stars of the industry, some of whom are going under the knife to sort out the imperfections that have just recently become visible thanks to the wonders of modern technology.

In semi-related news, a while back now Sony decided they would not be allowing XXX titles on Blu-Ray. I don’t mean Vin Diesel, more Tera Patrick. If you combine these two stories, you are left with an already uphill struggle getting even tougher for these new technologies. Add that to the £9 DVD player that recently went on sale in the UK, and you try convincing the average Joe in the street that that a High-Def disc format is the future. Not bloody likely.

You know incidentally, I always feel bad writing an article like this, because I know my friends, colleagues and peers now think I make it my business keeping up with the latest developments in the porno world. Well I do!




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