Smallville and product placement..

30 01 2007

I have had enough of this program trying to sell me products, in between telling me a story. I don’t even know why I bother watching this any more, everything I ever wanted to see from this series has happened, it’s time for Clark to move to Metropolis if he’s not going to sex all the Smallville girls at super speed and start robbing banks. I can’t stand by and watch these characters hawking products to me in modern day Smalllville. It is too much for me.

A few years ago, we were treated to Lois Lane explaining all the features of a particular brand of car to a security guard for no apparent reason, which I’m not going to mention because that means the advertising would have done its job. The fact that I can’t drive means that advertisement had no effect on me whatsoever.

Last season Chloe hit a new low, promoting a brand of one-day lenses in the script. I’m going to have to mention the brand to get my point across. There was a new superhero girl in town, and when she changed out of her costume, she put glasses on (much like Clark Kent). Chloe asked her about her vision and the girl replied something like “Oh, when I’m in saving lives I wear contacts”. To which Chloe picks up the box, holds it up to the camera and utters the line… “Acuvue to the rescue”. If my vision ever fails me, and Acuvue are the last brand of contacts on earth, I will take my chances walking into lampposts and such.

But the other night Chloe topped her previous work. Clark lost his powers and was running from some security guards. A small non-sporty hatchback screams up almost alongside him, the camera taking a full top to bottom side to side view. Chloe is driving. Clark jumps in and the car speeds off. Security guards shoot at it but not even bullets can stop this nifty little city runner.

The next scene shows the car coming towards camera very fast. Stops right in front of camera, logo in your face for about 3 seconds. They both get out, say their dialogue and then Clark has to go somewhere. Chloe says something like “Your truck’s out of gas, take my *insert dirty car name here*” at which point I just groaned. The name of the car she mentioned. It looks crap, and wild horses couldn’t drag me to buy one. In fact, if I had wild horses why would I need a car?

Anywho, The way I watch TV, I am becoming increasingly impossible to target commercials at, but please, advertisers, this is not the way to catch even a semi-intelligent viewer with your product, you just breed resentment against your brand and make people hate you for intruding on their shows. Back to the drawing board..




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30 01 2007
Corrupted Mind

I am either “Jade Goody Ignorant TM” or blind but I barely seem to be affected by product placement in smallville. Maybe I’m old fashioned and I tune in for a good yarn!… CM

31 01 2007

Product placing is the way forward, so say 9 out of 10 corporate big wigs.

But, it has to be in context with the story. The issue I have with Smallville, is the fact that these placement are continuously interrupting the flow of the story, you don’t know why the momentum of the shows suddenly slows down, until you get the corporate money short.

31 01 2007

I think product placement is one of those things that now that its been pointed out, you’ll notice it every time, but until then…. it just washes over the top of you because nearly every drama has a million pop culture references in each episode.

As for Smallville, something needs to happen in it. As interesting as it has become in recent years with Lex’s character becoming more and more twisted, the totally unnecessary storylines (Lana and Lex) and Oliver McQueens character who disappeared after doing precisely nothing, is making the show feel very stale.

By the way, the way McQueens character ended up leaving. Did it not remind anyone of the Buffy storyline with the super demon Adam, who was made super by using all different abilities. It just smacked of running out of ideas. Just me then….

Still so much for this series to do, Clark going to Metropolis, finding a love for journalism for him and Lois, Chloe to die a horrible and sad death, or heroic as the case may be (I really dont like Alison Macks character although from a plot point of view I can see why shes needed), and finally finding the ability to fly.

I just get the feeling he hasnt found that ability yet because of budget constraints.

31 01 2007

You are right Christabel, and it generally washes over me, unless its as blatant as that “car ad” in Last Thursday’s smallville.

I don’t know if you watched Las Vegas last season, but they had a 2 or 3 minute segment devoted to Chevrolet and the Winter Olympics in an episode, nothing to do with the story whatsoever. That is where we are headed if we don’t… I don’t know what we can do actually!

As for Oliver Queen, the guy that plays him made a pilot for Aquaman last summer, and it was a dead cert to be picked up, but something went wrong and it wasn’t. But the head of CBS Corp, Les Moonves, liked the actor so much he promised him a new role in Smallville to make up for it.

None of that explains his sudden disappearance, but it may explain what he was suddenly doing in Smallville in the first place!

9 04 2007
Entourage S03E13 - Less than 30 « Me and the TV

[…] of you who read my rant on product placement a couple of months ago probably thought I would be seething by the final scenes of the episode. […]

12 11 2007
carlos canul suarez

hola me gusta mucho la serie de smallville es una fantastica serie le agradesco alos productores por aber creado esta serie gracias y les da mos un saludo todos sus fans en cancun,quintana roo,mexico.
adios bye.

15 03 2008

I realize this is an old thread, but did you see this week’s episode, “Hero,” featuring Stride gum? Pete has a hankering for some Stride gum so he finds some Stride gum in a closed Stride gum factory. The Stride gum has Krypotnite in it, so by chewing Stride gum Pete gets meteor powers. When Chloe learns that the Stride gum came from a Stride gum factory which has closed, Chloe muses, “Closed already? I guess next time they shouldn’t make the flavor last so long!”


16 03 2008

Wow, I’m downloading this ep now, just to hear that line!

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