What I’m watching Tonight…

30 01 2007

I’ll be watching Prison Break, Heroes and 24. Back to back to back. In that order. But if that combo doesn’t tickle you, and you are in the UK, I would advise you to turn it to five at 9pm and watch the season 7 premiere of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. In an attempt to stave off the threat of Greys Anatomy in the same timeslot in the US, the writers break with tradition and introduce an ongoing mystery which is quite intriguing. But that isn’t why you need to watch tonight.

There is product placement at the end of the first episode, in the form of Blues singer John Mayer playing songs from his new album. But it’s not intrusive, and the songs are really nice. But that isn’t the reason either. In the original US broadcast, the two eps were aired a week apart, so there was a recap. Now this recap is superb. There is no voiceover, just a montage of slow moving images suggesting the brutal acts of the first ep, played over a beautiful John Mayer song called Slow Dancing in a Burning room. Go to his myspace to have a listen, beautiful tune. You see what happens when product placement is done well?

The scene itself is one of those rare moments (especially in CSI) where you forget you are watching a TV program. I’ve paid for movies that are worse than tonights double bill. Anyway, having said all that, I bet five cut the recap out!

The story itself is quite harrowing, and if you are of a weak disposition you may want to tune into one of the reality shows being broadcast tonight on ITV1, ITV2, Channel 4 or even BBC Three. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation starts tonight at 9pm on five.



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