What I’m watching tonight…

1 02 2007

Just a quick one, I’m still at work with loads to do.

Medium – I’m hoping it’s not another episode about her daughter, they bore me. But Alison’s husband has put in some fine acting this season, especially that monologue to camera in the episode where Alison woke up with no legs.

The Knights of Prosperity – It’s getting quite interesting. Ok it’s not, I just like the look of Sofia Vergara. Shallow, so shallow.

House – Now that the “angry cop” arc has finished, I wonder what they have planned to keep me watching for the 2nd half of Season 2 3.




2 responses

2 02 2007

Hi Ruvjet. Agree with the comments about Medium. the whole daughter story thing does get a bit monotonous.

The angry cop thing in house did become a bit of a bore to me. I got what the cop was trying to do but he became just a bit too unbeleivable for me and kind of ruined a potentially good story line. His whole attitude just seemed to be a bit OTT. I just get the feeling though that it’s not over just yet.

Anyway sorry to point this out, and it’s probably just a typo but isn’t this season 3 not 2?

2 02 2007

Tis indeed season 3, my mistake. I actually thought the angry cop scenario would have been good if Dr House had gone to Prison and had to solve cases from there while fighting off other men in the showers!

But they bottled it and he hasn’t changed a bit.

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