Rambling about my impatience..

2 02 2007

I posted earlier last week about going legit, buying the TV I really like from iTunes and actually paying the people that matter when it comes to TV, the cast, writers and production company. But this week and the week after, two of my favourite shows will be on Sky One (yes, the actual telly) a mere 3-6 days after they air in the US. This presents me with a dilemma.

When Richard Woolfe was made Director of Programmes at Sky One, he made a statement about downloading hitting their ratings hard, and how he would try and curb that. He renegotiated the deal for 24 with 20th Century Fox, so they could air it in the same week as the Fox network in the US. When Sky snatched Lost from Channel 4, Richard made the bold move of airing it only 3 days after ABC.

These moves come into effect this week. Now I could just wait, and watch it with my family, like the old days, if I was patient enough. But Bittorrent has warped my mind, along with the ridiculous speed of my broadband connection. I can get an hour long show in less than 15 minutes, and watch it with my mrs at my convenience. Why can’t I wait, where has my patience gone? I have Sky +, so I don’t even have to sit through the commercials. No real point to this post, just a thought. I’m going to the dog track tomorrow, and I’m gonna win a fortune. Have a great weekend people!




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8 02 2007

You say you nearly went legit and were going to buy tv progs via iTunes, but they arent on there are they?

8 02 2007

They are on the US itunes store, less than 24 hours after they are broadcast in the US. The quality is slightly higher than a 350mb Bittorrent file, and it downloads direct from a server, so no more hoping for more seeders.

You can set up a US itunes account by buying a US gift voucher from ebay, then redeeming it at the US store. This is the only way you can open an account without a credit card. Hope that helps!

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