All aboard the “On Demand” bandwagon..

5 02 2007

Virgin, Sky and BBC all trying to get closer to their viewers. Last week Sky launched their “Anytime” product to consumers. The problem with satellite is that it is impossible to provide proper “on-demand” services, due to bandwidth restrictions. So Sky have tried to circumvent that in the past with things like multi-start a with the next best thing.

Sky will download a selection of programming overnight to your Sky+/Sky HD box, and alert you of it when you go to your EPG (or maybe you will have to check for yourself, I am not 100%). This is the reason why every box has a little partition of hard drive that was inaccessible before. One thing I am unsure about is if you don’t like the programming that Sky are filling your HDD space with, can I opt-out and get that space back? I’ll keep you all updated. In the meantime, click here for more details.

Also last week, BBC received approval in principal to release their “iplayer” download and catch-up service. The BBC trust agreed to the media app in theory, with a few caveats. The only programming allowed on there is that with a definite beginning and end, which rules out Eastenders and Top Gear. the trust weren’t happy with Microsoft’s DRM solution either, and asked that they found a better solution in a reasonable timeframe. Sounds fair, I’m a mac user and I don’t want anything to do with that. Speaking of mac users, the BBC have put up a survey here that you may want to fill out if you want to use the iplayer with OS X.

And last, but by no means least (actually yeah, it is least) NTL/Telewest’s rebrand to Virgin Media is getting into full swing with a series of teaser campaign with ads telling people to “download it”. You can see them here and here. Now it’s all well and good teasing people to download more, but what are Virgin suggesting we download more of??

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