So how did I do?

5 02 2007

I’ll tell you how I did! I managed to watch all the TV that I said I would, and maybe more. Whats more (and this is the most important part), I enjoyed some of it, instead of turning into a zombie. Sometimes when I commit a day to catching up on my favourite programs, I end up cruising through them without paying attention, especially if its a sunday and I have laundry and other interesting and exciting things to do.

Well in reverse order, I watched the third episode of Season 2 of Rome. I love both Titus Pullo and Lucius Verenus, so when they had that brutal looking fight, I was actually hoping nobody got hurt. I didn’t actually reach the stage of shouting “Leave it Titus, eeez not worf it!” but I came pretty close. Here is a montage of their fights over the last couple of years.

Earlier I watched Las Vegas, in one of those rare moments where I turn off my brain. If there was one program in the whole world I wish I could stop watching its this one. I just love Las Vegas (the city) too much. And there are some lovely ‘lay-deez’ in the program. and however much I bang on about TV for mouth breathers, I do appreciate being able to watch something without thinking every now and then. So that’s my reasoning for that, and i’m sticking to it. I do miss Entourage right now though.

My Name is Earl went back to its average self. A French guy that Earl wronged came to get his revenge, fell for Catalina and Randy got jealous. Thats it. Scrubs decided on the political episode, and the ‘revelation’ (who didn’t know?) that Elliott was a republican. Funny, but don’t do it again.

I finally got round to watching Tuesday’s House, and the new story arc may just lead to House getting into a new relationship with a rape victim (rapee?) with issues. More importantly, she is helping House to sort out some of his issues, like drug addictionand why he is like he is. meh.

The Office is in need of a resolution to the Jim/Pam/hot girl saga. I feel it’s getting hung up on that, and affecting the writers decisions. This week Ben Franklin visited the office for a bridal shower, and managed to charm his way into the ladies hearts. The boys meanwhile had a stripper of their own, and there was a rare moment in the US version that is all too familiar to viewers of the original: the cringe. There was a moment withthe stripper where I couldn’t watch, it was so tough to get through. Here is a moment from before the stripper came along.

I caught the second episode of Skins and I liked it almost as much as the first. they took a serious subject like Anorexia Nervosa and wrote about it in quite a jovial way without appearing thoughtless and cruel. I also liked the fact that the cool “Fonz” type character won’t be the focus of every episode. The funniest moment was the middle class black kid acting like he is from the ghetto. Another one of my sitcom ideas down the drain. Don’t worry, at least 3 more where they came from. Click below for a long-ish clip from the episode.

and finally, the thing I enjoyed the most was the thing I have been banging on about since November, 30 Rock. Over the past few weeks there have been so many parallels drawn with my all my all-time favourite, Arrested Development. This week they had an episode with a “physically challenged” person that reminded me a bit of Martin Short’s much maligned appearance on AD.

I’ll leave you with a quote from a poster on the TWOP forums that explains why I love it better than my limited vocabulary will allow.

Little details I love: In ‘Blind Date’, when Gretchen asks Liz if anyone has ever assumed that she was a lesbian, Liz flashbacks to P.E. class. What shirt is she wearing? A White Haven H.S. Phys. Ed. shirt, of course! Two episodes later, we find out she’s from Whiteville — sorry, White Haven. (And it’s not as nice as it sounds…) Same thing with the Rural Juror being lightly touched on in one episode (as “that movie Jenna keeps talking about”) and then integral to a following episode. Tracy and Jenna’s movie posters. The P.A. announcements. It’s the little things, you know. The fact that someone, somewhere is actually taking two seconds to add a little continuity, a couple personal quirky details.

Amen to that!

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