Super Bowl Commercials

6 02 2007

Well the dust has settled on Super Bowl XLI. The ratings are in, 93 million viewers in the US. The second largest Super Bowl audience of all time, and behind the series finale of M*A*S*H, the third largest audience in US television history. I watched the first 25 minutes, it felt like an hour. that first touchdown was cool though..

I’m here to talk commercials. Not just any commercials, the most expensive commercials of all time. Ad spots during this years Super Bowl cost $85,000 a second. And some of that money was not well spent. The worst ad was a for a firm that sells domain names. They don’t even deserve a mention. Their horrific commercial was here. If you do watch it, I defy you to tell me what they are selling??

My favourite set of commercials came from Coca-Cola, whose drink I secretly despise (although if a barman dares to put Pepsi in my Jack Daniels I lose it), but they ran a series of Ads throughout the afternoon and evening, this one based on Grand theft Auto being the best.

Then there was a more poignant commercial commemorating not only Black history month in the US, but also the first black coach to win the Superbowl.

But this is my favourite. Tivo says that rather than any part of the football or the halftime show, this is the moment that was watched by the most eyeballs at this years Super Bowl. (Have I written “Super Bowl” enough in this article? And is it one word or two?) Its for Bud Light, and it stars Carlos Mencia of Mind of Mencia fame. Its funny.

Man… Its 10 in the morning.. but I feel like some alcohol. or at least a teeth rotting soft drink!




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