Friday Night Lights delayed in the UK?

7 02 2007

I thought that this superb drama was starting on ITV4 in the UK this Friday. But it seems that is not the case. I checked the schedules for Friday, and nothing. I heard rumours about Feb 23rd, but I don’t know who to believe. One thing I do know is that I have been doing more promotion for the show than ITV.

Watching the superbowl the other night, you would have thought at least one clever clogs over at “reality towers” could put a promo on about an upcoming show about American Football, just maybe in the hope that one of the viewers watching at that time could possible be interested in this program. Crazy idea, but I heard it has worked before.

I went to ITV’s website, and I noticed that they have a really weird way of divivding the genres up. You can either visit ‘Soaps’ or ‘Entertainment’. No comedy no drama, just an acknowledgement that if you are interested in one of their soaps, don’t expect to be entertained. Clicking on ‘entertainment’ and a message came up telling me that the page doesn’t exist, which is apt because that is how I feel about ITV1 most nights.

So then I thought I would search Google, they have all the answers. Guess what the top link was in the search? Me of course! So here is to the shoddy promotions team at ITV, leaving me to tell you that Friday Night Lights may start at some point towards the end of this month. If you have a US itunes account, you can download the premiere for free for a limited time only. Click here to see a great great (thats not a typo, two greats) drama. ITV are so rubbish, I have a good mind to tell everyone where they can watch it in HD for free.



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9 02 2007
Alex Hopkins

There was an advert on ITV for this program during the showing of the Superbowl, hence my googling it and finding your blog here 🙂

11 02 2007

The only advertisment that came up for Friday Night Lights was at the very end of ITV1’s Superbowl coverage, that I saw anyway, correct me if im wrong.
Can anyone give me comparisons between FNL and the O.C. please???
thanks folks!

11 02 2007

ha ha! my marketing plan for FNC is working!!

As for comparisons between Friday Night Lights and The O.C, the only similarities between the two is that they both star human beings. 🙂

18 02 2007

Just looked it up on Sky – yep it’s listed for the 23rd. Bring it on!

18 02 2007

Radio Times says Feb 21st. 8pm. Be there, or be oblong.

17 02 2009

any chance of you emailing me where i can watch it for free on the email i gave. i am really annoyed, itv bring the show over here for a season then forget about it!! leaving us who watch it stuck, not being able to watch our favorite show!

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