The Sarah Silverman Program S01E01

7 02 2007

Last Thursday saw the much anticipated debut of The Sarah Silverman Program on Comedy Central. Now I personally have never found Sarah Silverman funny. Bear in mind I have only seen her a couple of times, at Pamela Anderson’s roast, and in the movie The Aristocrats. Both times I found her attempting perhaps the coarsest humour possible, going for real shock value. I love being shocked, and I can be crude, but she just doesn’t do it for me. So with that in mind, it was strange that I was looking forward to her show.

It started with a crude song about sticking doodie in your eye, and I realised where this show was going. It was one of those new breed of comedies where people just play hyper-real versions of themselves, complete with using their real names, in an attempt to blur the lines between TV and reality. It works sometimes, but then other times it reminds me of that Tori spelling show and I wouldn’t wish that kind of comparison on anybody.

Sarah’s sister Laura is also in it, and when I saw her I realised I had enjoyed her performances in Lisa Kudrow’s pseudo-reality-sitcom The Comeback two years ago. She seems older, but she is cuter and I find myself wishing she was the funny one.

The production values were very “street” by which I mean lots of location shooting, real life looking situations with some average lighting. If you watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia you will know what I mean. The plot involved Sarah getting drunk on cough syrup and driving through a childrens playground. There was lots of stuff that would offend ‘minorities’, and Sara came to a realisation at the end. It wasn’t particularly laugh out loud funny, but I did like it enough to give it another go. I’m really not recommending anyone else tune in or anything.

You can download The Sarah Silverman Program from itunes. If you have an account for the US store, click here. For clips from the show, click here.




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18 04 2007

you are so hot

12 06 2007

I caught a brief part of her hosting the MTV movie awards the other day. She really took down Paris Hilton with her sitting in the audience. If you didn’t see that you should watch for it, because they replay that shit so often.

She made a joke about her going to jail. She said that to make her feel more comfortable the bars were painted to look like penises. Then she said that she worried about her chipping her teeth on them. Paris’ looked like she was trying to be a good sport, but she also look sort of pissed off and I question if she even got the joke at all

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