Life on Mars in the US

8 02 2007

This pilot season in hollywood, there have been lots of UK shows remade for a US audience, including The I.T Crowd, The Vicar of Dibley, that other one that people are talking about… but the most anticipated, and also maybe almost probably the one that will be picked up is a remake of Life On Mars, the BBC drama that returns to screens later this month. In the Us the show is being run by David E. Kelley whose credits include Ally McBeal, Chicago Hope and most recently Boston Legal, and the reason it has caught my attention is that the lead role has just been cast. They chose a young woman called Rachel LeFevre, which will put a whole new spin on the show, as I can’t imagine she will have been very old, or alive at all in the 70’s. The UK version has plenty of references to Sam’s childhood in the 1970’s, and season 1 even ends with….aaah, I won’t spoil it for you.

Rachel Lefevre appeared in the craptastic Fox ‘comedy’ Life on a Stick that managed to show up on both Nickelodeon and Paramount in the UK, and is currently appearing in What About Brian as the stripper wife of the character whose name I can’t remember. Yep, thats some great reporting right there.

EDIT:- There has been much interest in this post in the past few days, mainly from the BBC points of view message board. anywho, as a result of reading this haven of knowledge and opinion, I have found out that Rachel LeFevre won’t be playing the lead in ABC’s now delayed “Life on Mars” remake, instead she will be taking on the role of Annie. thanks to the guy that called me “an idiot” for that little nugget




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8 02 2007

I was really looking forward to this remake as well but the more I read, hear and think about it, its just gonna stink.

The beauty of the BBC version is that is unashamedly un-PC. The cast is almost nearly all male. The male bonding between Sam Tyler and Gene Hunt is the best bit with a beautiful mixture of humour and drama.

His adoration for his mum, coupled with his dad also makes a nice interplay as far as his relationships go.

I just cant see the americans doing any of that. What I can see is a Kojak remake, with the emphasis on the 70’s style and contrast in style and the whole thing being about a female in a male dominated 70’s world. Not the show I wanna see.

Do the USA even have a version of the girl in the TV test signal? 🙂

8 02 2007

I avoid remakes of TV shows (in either direction) out of principle.

“Do the USA even have a version of the girl in the TV test signal?”


8 02 2007

God, I forgot all about the sexism, they would have to rework that!

As for the test card girl, if this show is anything like other UK imports, only the pilot will be the same, before the show goes off in a totally different direction!

I am wondering if they will keep the scene at the end of the first episode of Life On Mars. You know where Sam is on the building ready to jump, and the woman convinces him its not a dream and if he jumps he will die?

well I am sure it was copied a few months later by the Lost writers, in the Hurley-centric episode, “Dave”. but a mass US audience wouldn’t know this… God, the things that keep me awake at night!

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