Sky launch… something lame.

8 02 2007

In an attempt to steal Virgin’s thunder today, Sky revealed today that they would be starting a new Pay-TV service through a regular TV aerial this summer. They also raised the prices Virgin have to pay them for access to their channels today, soooo childish!

Anywho, it goes like this. Sky are removing their channels from the current Freeview platform. thats right, Sky News, Sky Three and Sky Sports News are to disappear this summer. In their place Sky will be squeezing 4 channels into the same space using MPEG4 technology. And they will charge something in the region of £10-15 for them, I’m guessing.

But here is the dealbreaker. No freeview box currently available in stores supports MPEG4. and BskyB’s response to this today was:

once the service launches, manufacturers will have the opportunity to produce compatible set-top boxes and other DTT receivers.

Yea, what a great way to get everyone on your side. Take your channels off one platform, and make everyone buy a new, currently non-existent box to access them on the same platform? and charge them for the privilege? Why don’t you personally go round to non-Sky owners homes and punch them in the groin while the head of customer relations works the body? It would win you more respect that what you did today!! Morons. Click here for their stupid press release.

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2 responses

9 02 2007

Woah. Thats actually really surprizing. I didn’t even know Virgin had bought over NTL/Telewest to be honest with you.

I used to work with Sky, and the whole “Broadcast over terestrial TV” thing is a shocker aswell considdering its getting shut down starting next year. Hm..

Charging for freeview channels. Such an awesome idea. *Cough*

11 02 2007

Just to clarify, terrestrial TV isn’t shutting down, the analogue signal is.

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