Ratings for the week Jan 29-Feb 4 in the US and UK

9 02 2007

As discussed earlier in the week, Super Bowl XLI gave CBS the third largest US TV audience of all time. This happiness will have been tempered by the poor performance of Criminal Minds. Given the plum slot after Super Bowl, the forensic drama delivered about half what Greys Anatomy did last season in the same slot. However as I predicted, House is ready to take off after American Idol on Tuesdays. Because Greys Anatomy and CSI are eating each other, House is now the number one scripted program on US TV, and I think it will continue to be throughout the rest of the season.

1. Super Bowl XLI, CBS, 93.2 million viewers

2. Super Bowl XLI “Post Gun,” CBS, 81.5 million viewers

3. Super Bowl XLI Postgame, CBS, 57.3 million viewers

4. American Idol (Tuesday), Fox, 33.7 million viewers

5. American Idol (Wednesday), Fox, 31.8 million viewers

6. House, Fox, 27.3 million viewers

7. Criminal Minds (Sunday), CBS, 26.3 million viewers

8. Grey’s Anatomy, ABC, 24.2 million viewers

9. CSI, CBS, 21.5 million viewers

10. Deal or No Deal (Monday), NBC, 16.9 million viewers

In the UK the closest we have to the Super Bowl is the FA Cup final, or more recently the Champions League final, which almost challenges the Super Bowl for ratings, if you work out the spread across the whole continent. However things don’t work like that, so Corrie rules. Like I said I would last week, I’m just going to put the top rated episodes of the soaps in the top 10. or the list gets depressing. Top Gear only dropped about a million viewers from last week, as interest over Richard Hammond’s accident maybe gained them some new viewers.

1. Coronation Street (Mon), ITV1, 11.50 million viewers.

2. Eastenders (Mon), BBC1, 10.46 million.
3. Emmerdale (Mon), 8.99 million.

4. Dancing on Ice, ITV1, 8.98 million.

5. Holby City, BBC1, 7.40 million.

6. Waking The Dead, BBC1, 7.31 million.

7. Wild at Heart, ITV1, 7.11 million.

8. Top Gear, BBC2, 6.90 million.

9. Casualty, BBC1, 6.55 million.

10. Midsomer Murders, ITV1, 6.55 million.

See how much better it looks like this! It actually looks like UK viewers like a bit of variety in their drama!




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