Lost S03E07 – Not in Portland

11 02 2007

So I cracked. I couldn’t wait until Sunday, so I did a bit of downloading. I know I thought i could wait, but I was bored and it only takes a minute or two (or 20) to download, Now if you don’t want to know what happen, don’t click the rest of this entry.

Now before I tell you about this episode, I have to point out that I have been a staunch defender of Lost, as it’s ratings have fallen, as the characters secrets have become more convoluted, as they refuse to speak to each other after the event as a plot device..

but after this episode I am losing faith in this show. I am almost a non-believer. There was one point when Sawyer and Kate are running and dodging bullets and I thought: “3 seasons in and I still don’t know why one minute The Others want to observe them in cages, the next they will happily shoot them in the head. and I no longer care.” The tension is gone, the anticipation long gone, I just want to know how Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are going to write their way out of this one.

I am not one of those people that says “I knew that was going to happen.” I just go with the flow, never looking for whats coming next. So when a plot point becomes so blindingly obvious to me, when I know the next line that is coming out of a characters mouth, then things aren’t going well. When Juliet said she wishes her husband would be hit by a bus, I knew what was coming. I actually told my other half to cover her eyes at the next outdoor scene with her husband in it, she doesn’t like gore.

The worst thing about Lost (and in turn, the reason I love Heroes) is that nobody will speak of these incidents upon their return to Isla Sorna, as I have christened it. What they need to do is sit down and have a nice discussion about what they have achieved in their time on the island. Has one person walked round it all the way, just to determine it’s not a peninsula? Has Jack got any other emotions other than angry and ‘wry smile’ angry? These are questions I didn’t ask when I enjoyed Lost.

At least the trailer for next weeks episode looks better, me mate Dave tells me its a Desmond flashback..

Buy episode 7 from itunes here.




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