The Office S03E15 – Phylis’s Wedding

11 02 2007

After a season of episodes on an upward curve, I guess it had to come down at some point. This was maybe the worst episode of the US version I have seen. Before it started, I imagined that American writers wouldn’t know how to do subtle obnoxious David Brent, and would resort to a loud obnoxious character that in real life would be openly challenged and regularly punch.

Of course they proved me wrong, and have probably shown more deft wit this season than the UK version did in the second series (Blasphemy!). But in this episode, Michael Scott is as loud and foolish as I imagined he would be before the show started. Hopefully they will get back to their normal funny ways next week.

I’m also tired of Jim Halpert’s ‘look’ at the camera. We get it, Michael said something he shouldn’t have. Martin Freeman did that look a lot better. And probably still does. On his sofa, at home. Jobless. (I’m kidding, he’s got that sitcom on BBC, The Robinsons?)

Buy this episode from itunes here.




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