Skins S01E03

12 02 2007

I’m a convert. You may have noticed from my negative reviews that my tolerance for crap TV was low this weekend, so after watching those poor efforts, I was becoming more critical by the hour. But Skins made me happy. I’m really loving the idea of focusing one character per episode, it throws up a different situation every week, and this time it was one that I could identify with, to some extent!

This weeks episode focused on Jal, the black girl at the private school with a talent for playing flute. Her dad is an ex-musician, she has two brothers who are nothing like her, and she has to deal with some condescending attitudes at school, being (seemingly) the only black pupil there. Now this I can empathise with, having dealt with a similar scenario myself in primary school in the 80’s. Only I didn’t play flute. It wasn’t as bad as the teacher in Everybody Hates Chris, but watching this ep brought back some fond memories. I remember a time when we all had to write poems and my teacher said I could ‘rap’ mine. Genius, you couldn’t script it. Until now I guess.

The interaction between Jal’s family and her Dad’s new girlfriend was very well done, even if the dad was a bit wooden. I forget what he was in back in the day, but I am sure he is a better actor than his performance here suggests.

The only downer I can think of is Michelle Richardson. Not her performance, she’s done a sterling job so far, but her casting as a lust object for Sid. I don’t know what 18 year old boys go for, but I don’t see the appeal that has him semi stalking her. Aah well, as a wise man once said, “the world don’t beat to the sound of just one drum.”

Skins has been a success for E4, regularly winning its slot, last week with just under a million viewers. Marketing it to the MySpace generation may have helped, but it deserves the plaudits based on some fine acting performances, from the really believable to the hilarious over-the-top but still good, and writing that doesn’t leave you wondering how out of touch TV writers are.

The promo for episode 4 is below.




One response

13 02 2007
Corrupted Mind

I think I am also a convert to this show, episode two about eating disorders rather than episode 3 was the one that hooked me.

This does not earn this show my uncritical support, I still think the acting is over done, the show (still) looks cheap, too many cliches (Am I the only one who is tired of the middle class kid (black or white) that wants to be a gangsta!?), the drugs issue is over done, not sure if I’m liking or hating the gratuitous nudity and the writers are yet to script one realistic (i.e. sensible) adult character. Yet the show is still imminently watchable: I cannot put my finger on what is making me tune in.


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