Anime and Big Bird on iTunes

14 02 2007

Apple continue their quest to acquire TV that appeals to anyone and everyone. Today I went to the store to look around and found two new shows. Sesame Street is something we have at work, but no longer hold the rights to, so we can’t play it. They are free on US TV, so PBS have done the right thing and started offering episodes for free on iTunes. Aaah, that was a great show. I wonder if the theme tune is still the same? Should probably download one I guess…

Anyway the next show should appeal to a few more adults, at least in theory. Apple jumped on the Anime bandwagon yesterday, with the launch of shows from Funimation.

Now if you are like me and haven’t watched Anime since Legend of the Overfiend, you may be surprised to hear that it is still extremely popular. When I go to Mininova to steal TV see what TV shows are popular with pirates, the Anime section is at the top and its always so busy with seeds and leechers. So I imagine a lot of people will be happy with todays new shows. Check out Speed Grapher, Samurai 7 and Desert Punk in the Funimation channel on iTunes here.

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