CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – S07E15

14 02 2007

I watch CSI out of habit these days, I’m just waiting for the break up of the team including the cause, so I can get involved in the subsequent inevitable bashing of the new guys. Recently I thought the cull had started, when William Petersen announced he was going on sabbatical. they brought in Liev Schrieber, and I wasn’t impressed with his first two episodes. The writers really played up the fact that he was dark and mysterious, with skeletons in his closet. And I convinced myslef I didn’t actually care.

But 2 weeks ago (probably 3 now I think about it), Liev Schreiber was the star of one of the best episodes of CSI in a long, long time. It involved a process that may in fact be made up, called reverse forensics. Catherine had to go behind the backs of the whole team, in order to stage a crime scene that would hopefully smoke out a killer. It worked, but she lost the trust of her people. Anywho, Michael Keppler (Schrieber’s character) was behind the idea, and he suddenly started to seem interesting.

Now this week we were treated to some backstory, when Keppler’s former mentor was accused of a crime, and he asked Keppler to get him out of it, or he would reveal Keppler’s secret. Turns out, Keppler killed a man under the assumption that the man raped his mentors daughter. Without giving too much away, there is a very good story in there, along with a thrilling ending.

This episode will air in the UK on five sometime in April, but if you can’t wait you can buy it from itunes now.



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