Lost S03E08 – Flashes Before Your Eyes

15 02 2007

A real change of pace, and I have to say I liked it. I take back some of what I said last week, Lost isn’t dead on it’s feet as long as Desmond is around. In the first episode to feature an unconventional full-length flashback, he excelled as the victim of some mind bending time travelling shenanigans. If you don’t want to know the juicy spoilers, do not be clickin’ below innit.

The episode started with a recap that shows how bogged down the writers have become in explaining things that happened before the dawn of man, but are now standard procedure in the Lost universe. Scenes from episode 1 of this season including Desmond running naked through the jungle let us know that today would be the day we learn what happened to him when he turned that key, and why he can now see the future.

Without going into too many specifics, it seems that turning the key took him back 3 years, and he then had to retread every step that took him back to the point where he was crying on the beach, telling Charlie about the horror.

The best part was that he forecast Charlie’s death. When Desmond saved Claire earlier in the episode, and Charlie was buzzing around him like a bee, I started to wonder if there was anyone out there that still likes Charlies character, and that I have wanted him dead for a long time. Dominic Monaghan adds nothing but whiny insecurity to the show right now, and its time for him to find new work.

So all in all, I was happy with that. Plus there was more Alan Dale, the greatest TV tyrant since J.R. Ewing! evil Vice President Jim Prescott in 24, evil Caleb Nichol in The O.C, evil Bradford Meade in Ugly Betty, and evil Charles Widmore in Lost. That is some evil CV since he had a heart attack on Neighbours back in the day. What price Alan Dale the next bond villain? Despite all the excitement and intrigue, Lost fell to an all-time low in the ratings Wednesday as Valentines day and viewer apathy took hold.

Episode 8 will air on Sky One in the UK on Sunday. As usual, if you can’t wait that long then you can watch it with commercials at abc.com (if you know about proxy servers if you are outside the US), or pay $1.99 for it minus ads here. I’ve put the trailer for episode 9 in my vodpod on the right, and it looks like more questions will be answered, which is always helpful.




2 responses

19 02 2007

The best episode of the 3 season. Amazing, Desmond absolutely fantastic.

26 03 2007

charlie rules dude. why the heck do you not want him on the show? every person has their own roles and reasons on the island.

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