What I’m Watching Tonight…

19 02 2007

What I do on a Monday is download all of Fox’s animation shows in the morning, and watch them while I am eating, ready to pick apart the weakest jokes and shout from my window about how things aren’t as funny as they used to be.  Sounds like fun, no? Yea, hilarious.

But tonight, if I was you, and I was in the UK, and I had some form of Pay-TV, and I didn’t have a prior engagement, and I hadn’t been downloading it for the past 6 months…. I would watch Heroes. It really is a slow starter, but it has grown into my favourite program of this television season. It’s my boyhood X-men comic book come to life. Love it.




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20 02 2007
The Super Movie

Did you catch The Simpsons on FOX?
Here is the new trailer of the Simpsons here at The super movie

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