A couple of articles…

20 02 2007

.. that I read recently. I thought you might like them, read them and forget the fact that I haven’t reveiwed any TV for the past 3 days. Excellent.

The first one is about TV comedy becoming a niche. Variety have written an article about the success of Night at the Museum, and Norbit. They lament the fact that this success doesn’t transfer to the small screen any more. Why am I describing it to you, wasting your time. Click the part I highlighted and be done with it. My thoughts are that they are right, comedy has become to gernre specific, while a large section of society has become more politically correct, or at least would like to appear that way.

The second is about a guy testing an iTunes version of Lost against a pirated copy from the ‘internets’, and which one comes out on top. It’s not surprising that the pirated copy wins, it’s alll digital and different groups are all trying to outdo each other. iTunes do need to start providing HD versions of the programs though, and faster! Click here for the full article.  Normal reviewing service will be resumed tomorrow. Or maybe later tonight. No, tomorrow.




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