BBC considers fifth Eastenders episode

20 02 2007

I read this today on Mediaguardian and I couldn’t believe my eyes. A fifth episode? Five? A week? Are people not getting enough of this programme already? What we really need is less soaps! We need that soap cash reinvested in intellectually stimulating drama and comedy, the likes of which advertiser funded television can’t take a chance on.

BBC, it is up to you to make that change. If you must keep Eastenders, turn it into two hour long proper dramas a week, with different names, one for 8pm Monday, the other for 9pm Thursday. One can be centred around the Queen Vic (if it still exists), the other can be about a particular family, maybe the Fowlers, or the Beales, or… the Slaters? And it can be named after that family as well. And only 30 episodes max a year, that way everyone can have a break from it, there s anticipation upon its return, and you still have 60 hours covered in your schedule.

There is more to this idea but I can’t think of it right now. oh thats right, a break would also allow the actors to star in UK produced movies, and the sort of people that watch these soaps may get off their arses in the summer and actually get down to the moving pictures to watch a talkie if it starred… I don’t know, the guy who plays Martin Fowler! that in turn would give the TV drama more credibility… do you see where I’m going with this?

Problem solved? Of course! Will the Beeb give me a job? No. I did work experience there once when I was 17, had the time of my life. I saw John Nettles in the canteen, with dyed blond hair. He paid full price, just like everyone else. True story.

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One response

21 02 2007

here here – I agree I dont watch eastenders anymore – I stopped after the world cup when I realised that the scripts were rubbish.. rather than increse they should have it shown twice weekly and improve the writing

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