What I’m Watching Tonight…

21 02 2007

I will be out of the house, but tonight is the night. Friday Night Lights. One of the best pilots I have seen. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like the subject matter, there is so much more happening. It is set in a town where the only thing that matters is American football, but there is so much more going on. Don’t even worry if you don’t have the greatest attention span in the world and struggle to follow things for long periods. This show delivers it’s message loud and clear, it doesn’t need spelling out. Fantastic. ITV4. 8pm. Be there, or be some sort of oblong. (I am so comfortable hyping this up, safe in the knowledge that it really is that good. How smug am I???).



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21 02 2007

Friday Night Lights is fantastic, you’re quite right. The film I thought was so-so. It plays out far better as a TV series, with the emphasis on characterisation.

I’ve heard the way the show is cut garner some criticism. While initially I agreed with them it lends to a certain unpredictabiliity insofar as whats gonna happen right around the corner, while also helping the flow of the show from week to week.

I do love American Football though which should sway my opinion sonewhat. Although most of the issues (religion, puberty, small town politics, disability, race) are nothing to do with the game, the action game sequences are certainly something I look forward to.

Plus it has some fantastic performances in it. Buddy Garrity lights up the screen everytime he appears. Plus it has one of the finest young casts I have ever seen assembled. It reaks of a show (a but like Studio 60) that is studying issues too extreme and close to home to become as popular as long running shows need to be.

So its bound to be cancelled sooner rather than later…..

22 02 2007

At least if it’s cancelled, I would like to think NBC will do the honourable thing and let them wrap it up really quickly. Well I hope.

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