Lost S03E09 – Stranger in a Strange Land

22 02 2007

It’s not Lost, it’s Jack. I came to that conclusion today, about halfway through the episode while Jack was on one of his now standard wild-eyed rants about something that a normal human being would be quite rational about.

At least when Jack was with the camp, there were enough people around to distract you from the flailing limbs and foaming mouth. But with this current storyline, you have to sit through whole episodes of crazy. For the sake of this show, I feel they need to get everybody back in one place. With flashback, exposition, people on different islands, new characters being thrown into the mix (who are guaranteed to die a grizzly death), this show is moving forward at the pace of a snail.

The acting isn’t bad, the dialogue is the same as ever, it’s just that right now Lost is so far from what made it good, it’s unbelievable. There is no sense of peril, or anticipation. We have never been quite sure of the motivation of the others to do the things they do, but I no longer care if they have a Utopian society around the corner, or they eat babies at Christmas and Easter.

This week the promo promised us answers to three questions. We found out that Bai Ling gave Jack his tattoos, that cindy was taken and is living the good life, and maybe a third thing that I can’t quite remember. I’m not sure i will need to, I’ll probably have it hammered home to me in a recap.

The promo for the next ep promises that if we don’t watch next week, we won’t know what people are talking about the next morning. I hope I’m not talking about how much I wish I could stop watching Lost.




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