Virgin v Sky

26 02 2007

Over the last 72 hours the war has become very nasty. Late on Friday, Virgin announced that Sky’s basic channels (Sky One, Sky Two, Sky Three, Sky Travel, Sky Sports News) would be removed from their cable platform on Wednesday Night. This, tey say, is due to Sky’s unrealistic demands over what they feel these channels are worth.

I guess it’s because I’m not a Virgin customer, but I hope they aren’t just calling Sky’s bluff. If they can show their customers that those channels really aren’t worth much, they will be onto a winner. They already have a better movie proposition than Sky, and as for programming, they made a significant step in that direction as well today.

Virgin Media announced a deal with ABC Television studio, to be able to broadcast all 3 seasons of Lost, on demand to Virgin subscribers. The only downside is that they will have to wait until Season 3 finishes on Sky One. It’s a small baby step, but the sooner someone can end Sky’s bully-boy tactics the better. More on-demand deals like this will further the view that viewers don’t need to watch TV by a schedule any more. Anytime is primetime (I just made that up, I might trademark it).

With Setanta showing Premier League football on Freeview from next season, soon the only reason to have a dish on the side of your house will be to access the God channel. Not that there is anything wrong with that of course.



5 responses

26 02 2007
Edward Lacdao

GOD channel, I don’t need TV to communicate with GOD….. I have his cell phone number! The number is 1-800-4328367-22683

26 02 2007
Shaded Spriter

And it is not like people who can not get sky one currently are missing out on Lost – that is what Bittorrent is for after all. thanks for this…I was looking for information about the Sky/virgin thing on thanks for this small update.

27 02 2007

I hear you, but there are loads of Virgin subscribers ot there that wouldn’t know what a torrent was if it slapped them in the face! These people will move to Sky from Virgin and continue to pay £500 to watch that one show they were missing on cable.

2 03 2007

As one of those who does not know what a bit torrent is, how can I get around having to pay sky loads of money to watch things like 24?? I am about to sign upto BT Vision….. is that a bad idea??

2 03 2007

BT Vision… Depends what kind of programs you like.
they have signed a deal with HBO for lots of their programming, but I would imagine it’s all stuff that aired. And it might turn out to be quite pricey.

I could explain bittorrent very clearly for you, it really is the best way of getting any sort of high quality TV. Let me know and I’ll give you the down low.

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