Heroes S01E17 – Company Man

27 02 2007

I started off watching it from way back in my not-so-comfy chair, but by the end I was close enough to the TV to make myself blind in later life. You may know I like making bold statements, but this episode of Heroes was as good an hour of Drama as the last hour of Season 1 of 24, or Locke’s second episode in Season 1 of Lost, Deus Ex Machina.

It really was that good. There were parts where my breathing slowed, it was tense. I love writing this engaging. The episode focused totally on the story of Mr Bennett, or HRG (Horn Rimmed Glasses) as he has come to be known in nerd circles (or squares, I think nerds hang out in Quadrilaterals).

Alongside the present day story, we were taken through a black and white flashback to his early days in his current role, his adoption of Claire, and the first sighting of The Haitian.

Revelation after revelation, with the return of George Takei, the origin of Christopher Eccleston’s character and a new big boss man in Eric Roberts. The special powers of Claire were put to a real test, and she came out with flying colours. The special effects were outstanding once again, the effect of skin peeling off Claire’s body was something to behold. The ending, while not as amazing as I was led to believe, still held enough shock for me. And now the questions start…

Is the radioactive man dead? Does this mean Peter Petrelli no longer has to worry about exploding? And what now for Claire Bennett? The trailer for next week looks fantastic again. When will this program have an off day??




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27 02 2007

Its just too good . . .

27 02 2007

I don’t have a lot of time, but I’m going to watch this epsiode again.

27 02 2007

I don’t think he is dead, because we saw him and Matt back at the “paper factory.” I think that they’re just going to keep an eye on him like that poor guy with the killer shadow in “The X Files”‘ ‘Soft Light.’

Sheer class. (Although i doubt the censors will let Claire’s trick with the bullet go through unscathed.)

27 02 2007

Episode 17 was an AWESOME one! Any doubters should skip forward and watch this one (actually – strike that! – watch it from them all from episode one!!).

1 03 2007
Edward Lacdao

We finally get to see Linderman, from the angle I saw in the trailer, he looks like the KFC colonel. Hey that’s just my opinion don’t hate me, I love chicken!

1 03 2007
Corrupted Mind

Knowing how much of a fan boy Ed is – I nearly disregarded this post. But this is the stand out Heroes episode, I watched it in amazement of how very neatly all my questions were being ticked off. Deus Ex Machina is untouchable as a bit of drama though. As much as I enjoy this show I do see problems ahead, because the speed they are posing and answering their own mysteries means that eventually our main story arc will be answered shortly (probably in 7 episodes time) and the real question will be what next. (If this show turns into a single episode adventure type show I think I’ll slit my wrists). Can they extend this story to 100 episodes? Will the audience stay with them? Seeing two shows like Desperate Housewives and Lost really struggle makes me worry about this show. CM

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