Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe S03E04

28 02 2007

I am a big fan of Screenwipe, have been ever since the first episode. Imagine my surprise when, over the end credits of the fourth episode, the announcer says that it was the last episode in the series, and Screenwipe will return later in the year. What is it with this country and it’s television practices. If it’s comedy, the writer can only write six a year. If it’s drama, the writer can only write two episodes, and they are essentially the same story chopped in two, and they have to air over consecutive nights. However If it is a soap continuing drama, writers can knock up between 250-300 episodes a year, without a break.

The mad thing is that people will tune into the soap until the end of time, but try and lay a 13th episode of a sitcom on people and they are so quick with the “Oh, they should have stopped at two series.. you know, like Fawlty Towers.” Screw that logic, there has to be happy medium.

Anywho, back to episode 4 of Screenwipe. For me as an editor, this episode was manna from heaven. It exposed the techniques behind editing storylines in reality series, how footage can be manipulated. They did this by staging their own Big Brother style, and they got Aisleyene from UK Big brother 7 (Or 8, not sure).. why am I describing it to you, just watch below.

That was just a snippet of a fantastic program, and series. I don’t see why BBC aren’t giving this guy at least 26 episodes a year. well I do, because only me and my imaginary dog watch Screenwipe. It will air on BBC4 a couple more times before the end of the week, catch it if you can.




One response

19 03 2007

Sorry to add insult to injury mate, but there’s no official word on Screenwipe coming back later this year. The line at the end of the episode was “Screenwipe will be back later this year with a massively increased budget. Coming up next, Mark Lawson fights a horse to the death in a razor wire thunderdome.” Unfortunately, neither statement was true. Of course, screenwipe may in fact come back later this year, but it isn’t confirmed, and it definitely won’t have a massively increased budget.

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