What I’m Watching Tonight…

28 02 2007

Veronica Mars. this season has been a little lacklustre, I reckon it’s because of the removal of the season long mystery in favour of two (or three?) arcs. but tonight we will find out who killed the dean. The program then goes off the air for a while, to be replaced by a reality show to find the next Pussycat Doll. Is there room for one more, did one of them die or something? Anywho, maybe I will watch Dirt, if I can find it anywhere, but there isn’t much else out there in the torrentsphere. I wonder what’s on normal TV…

Oh yes, and Friday Night Lights. Here is the deal. You watch it. you come back here and proclaim me as your TV leader. We never speak of this again.



3 responses

1 03 2007

I proclaim you my TV leader.

Awesome show, in top 4 of the 2006-7 season (Dexter, Heroes, Studio 60).

Thank you.

2 03 2007

The ending for the O’Dell murder was weak. Very weak. It was obvious who the killer was going to be weeks and weeks ago. Plus now Sheriff Mars has turned into poor powerless Lamb…. please dont let this get out of hand…

2 03 2007

Did you think that the killer looked like a woman? Or am I the only one? Me and my other half were waiting for the big reveal of the wig and the fake facial hair all season, but nothing. Very strange ending to the most boring arc yet on the show.

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