Video of the Week – Sopranos Recap

31 03 2007

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, a highlight of the week in the style of Harry Hill’s TV Burp, but it could be anything from the world of online video to traditional televisual fare. Although knowing me, ‘Video of the Week’ will quickly degenerate into a propaganda campaign designed to make you watch Arrested Development.

This week I have a truly wonderful clip that I have now added to the list of “Best things I’ve seen on Youtube”. It’s a recap of six seasons of Sopranos, leading into the final 9 episodes starting April 8 on HBO. No word on when it starts on E4/C4. The montage covers everything, and if you watch it enough times and pay close enough attention you needn’t spend close to £60 each on the boxsets at your local DVD emporium. Watch it after the jump, and pay particular attention between 3:21 and 3:23 😉

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Who wants mobile TV?

30 03 2007

Have you ever met anyone wants to watch television on their mobile phone? Yesterday BBC announced a deal with 3 UK networks to stream full programs to 3G mobile phones. Last week NBC launched a service with Verizon to stream their programs to users of the V-cast service. Everybody I know owns a mobile phone, but I’ve never come across a person who said:-

Do ya know what would make this better? If I could watch TV on it!! Yep, good old TV, with grainy audio and a 2 inch screen. And I’m willing to pay for the privilege too!

As some of you may know, in the UK the analogue spectrum, bandwidth if you will, to broadcast a high definition signal over the air will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. the likely outcome of this is that the deep pocketed phone networks will outbid the broke-arse BBC and ITV. A government spokesman the other day said, and I’m quoting this from memory, that the government don’t know if the people would prefer mobile TV or HD over the air in the future, and that industry don’t know either but would be a better judge. Shall I tell you who really knows??? Me. I don’t care how high the quality it is, watching streamed TV on any sort of screen you can hold in your hands is always going to be no more than a convenient thing to pass the time, never the full blown dolby digital eye-poppingly sharp experience the so many shows today demand. There, I’ve said it.

Lost S03E14 – Expose

30 03 2007

That was the most chilling episode of Lost that I think I have seen. And as a result of this ep I take back one of my biggest criticisms of Season 3, Nikki and Paolo. They had a plan for these two all along, from the moment Paolo went to the toilet in the Pearl station and someone on Ain’t it Cool decided that they wanted him known as the “takes a shit” guy from that moment onwards.
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South Park S11E04 – Snukes

29 03 2007

It’s about fricking time. Last night’s South Park parodied 24, and in particular this weak season 6 crap that I am currently thinking about ditching. You know what makes a good parody? When the copy brings to your attention some of the absurdities of the original that you hadn’t even thought were weird. Everything is taking place “within the hour”. The frequent product placement. The constant takeovers by other departments. It was fantastically well done. There was a serious message behind the episode, and it was about how racial profiling can stop you from spotting the real criminal when he is right under your nose. figuratively speaking of course, I’m not talking about midgets being the enemy. Anywho, the episode is on the right there, in two parts. Enjoy.

Dirt S01E13 – Ita Missa Est

29 03 2007

I never thought I would watch all thirteen episodes of Dirt, but here we are. Watching the season 1 finale, I realised that it became quite a watchable series in a trashy, Hollywood kind of way.

The finale included the long awaited lesbian kiss between Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox, but it turned out to be no more than a peck on the lips played over slo-mo a couple of times. Not worth waiting for, not that I was waiting for that. Read the rest of this entry »

The Simpsons S18E16 – Homerazzi

28 03 2007

I once knew of a person that didn’t realise that there was a different intro onto the couch in most episodes of The Simpsons. That person’s gene pool is dangerously close to extinction. bit harsh, but it segues neatly into my reason for posting about this once great comedy. Sunday’s episode featured a fantastic “couch gag” as they have come to be known over the years. It was evolution, following an organism from Amoeba to present day Homer, and I am guessing it was the longest ever intro by some way. Great intro, the rest of the episode in the words of Borat… “not so much”. Watch it after the jump, or in the vodpod if you just want to click once.

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Xbox video marketplace updated

28 03 2007

As Microsoft launched a new version of the Xbox 360 today with a larger hard drive (and somehow made the price of the PS3 seem a lot more reasonable), they also gave users more TV and movies to fill it up with. Added to the list of existing 360 content for US users are shows like Dog the Bounty hunter, Criss Angel Mindfreak and Gene Simmons Family Jewels, along with some National Geographic documentaries. Riveting stuff I’m sure you will agree. High-def TV cost $3 an ep, standard definition $2.

I understand it’s very easy for anyone in the world to open a US account, but when are Microsoft UK going to pull their finger out and start offering some sort of programming to UK 360 users? Hell, I would take some old school comedy right now, just to know that deals were being put in place. wait, no I wouldn’t. In fact, I don’t even own a 360, but I do need more High-def content for my LCD, and if it were available in the UK through the 360 I would certainly consider buying one.