30 Rock S01E16 – The Source Awards

2 03 2007

After a lacklustre last two episodes, 30 Rock was back on form this week. It still seems strange to me that because certain programs are on the day before in Canada, I can see this before US viewers settle down to watch anything but 30 rock on a Thursday at 9.30pm.

This episode focused on Liz Lemon dating a “Black” (that was just his surname). Wayne Brady a successful African-American who was actually very boring, but when Liz tried to dump him, he played the race card and accused of her of not fancying him because he is black. Very loudly in a restaurant. So out of her White woman’s burden, she agrees to see him again.

The other storyline involved Tracy Jordan having to repay a debt to a rap mogul called “Ridiculous” (it was probably spelt with k’s and z’s, but whatever) played ably by LL Cool J. Tracy somehow ended up presenting the Source awards dressed as Oprah to repay the favour he owed LL’s character. Somehow At the same time, Kenneth was displaying some new found attitude towards the Hip-Hop star. It all made for hijinks and hilarity, resulting in Liz pulling the trigger at the awards, shooting Mr Black in the butt.

Looking back at what I wrote, it reads like nonsense. But I assure you it was funny. The episode reminded me of a classic Curb your Enthusiasm or Seinfeld, with various small jokes and pieces being put into place for one major punchline. The only downer was a line that Liz used about TV that was used in friends by Joey Tribbiani all those years ago. An imaginary million points to anyone that knows what it is.

Favourite Line (and it was a tough decision):
Ridikuluz – What’s your game?
Kenneth – Boggle.

30 Rock, Thursdays, NBC. Watch it here, buy it here.




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