BBC and Youtube link up

2 03 2007

In a deal that has been rumoured for a few weeks now, the BBC and Youtube have linked up to start two channels on the leading online video website. The BBC News channel will be ad-free from a UK IP address, but the channel dedicated to the content from BBC worldwide will come with limited advertising. David Moody, director of strategy for BBC Worldwide, said,

“Our digital strategy is to make our content as widely distributed as possible and there is an audience of millions on YouTube,”

and I totally agree with this strategy. As I have said on numerous occasions, a high-def version of Youtube with clips of unlimited length, running through a TV (like I do with my Wii when I’m resting my arms) is the future. I hope Channel 4 and five follow suit.




One response

21 03 2007
Mark Porter

” I hope Channel 4 and five follow suit”

Oh boy I totally agree with that. I just wish I could get Screenwipe where I’m located but I simply can’t. I can’t even buy a DVD so all I have our some short clips on youtube. There are MANY great and good shows out there but nobody knows because they don’t get broadcasted here (like many great and old US shows that never got broadcasted in Europe or many great Channel 4 shows that are only Channel 4 shows but don’t get broadcasted in the USA).
So I’m certain in the future we will all find out about those shows thanks duo the Internet

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