2 03 2007

I’m going away for a week, recharge the batteries, bit of sunshine, that sort of thing. But I am such a flippin’ sad case that rather than think of the beach I’ll be lying on and the mosquitoes I’ll be swatting away, I’m just hoping that some Ghanaian TV network has acquired the rights to Heroes and is going to show episode 18 next week (Not bloody likely)! If I was a robot my name would be “loser-ma-tron”. Just to give you an idea of my weekly TV schedule, here is what I won’t be watching next week.

Saturday:- Harry Hill’s TV Burp.

Sunday:- American Dad, Family Guy, The Simpsons.

Monday:- 24, Prison Break, Heroes.

Tuesday:- Life on Mars, House.

Wednesday:- Lost, South Park.

Thursday:- 30 Rock, Scrubs, Skins, The Sarah Silverman Program.

Friday:- Nothing.

There are others but I forget. And this is in a week when a lot of programs are on hiatus. To be honest, because I don’t sit and vedge in front of the idiot box, I probably watch less TV than most. I have have my radar fine tuned to only pick up what I think is quality (apart from Sarah Silverman). I’ve filled up the vodpod (on the right) with stuff to watch, including two full episodes of Spaced, and there is plenty for you people to look at on the rest of the interwebnet. Like my Flickr for example. So enjoy life, and i’ll be back here in a week or so… peace.




2 responses

3 03 2007

well, have a happy holiday!
im guessing there will be no updates to the blog? bugger!
gotta stick to engadget and let my super secret us tv shows predictions run rampant then!

4 03 2007

I’m not going holiday for a few months… so I’m jealous! Enjoy your time away man… you deserve it! Ciao for now!

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