Joost Beta

2 03 2007

Just a note to say I was invited onto the Joost Beta today! Can you believe it? (Although I still haven’t been invited for a job interview… again, I’m not bitter). Anywho, my initial thoughts are that the software is very cool. I could be just happy that I have a new toy, but the trasparencies and rating system are both very clever, and the ads don’t seem to intrusive. Controlling the app with my keyboard will do for now, although it seems a bit primitive. It would be better if it worked with my apple remote, or even better with some sort of Wiimote type control system. I like my Wiimote.

The picture quality is slightly worse than a standard TV show Bittorrent download, but it could be worse on a mac due to the way video is handled (slightly worse) on a mac monitor compared to WMP on a windows machine. It just seems jagged and stretched full screen. In a window, Joost looks spectacular.

I was very impressed with the widgets feature, and wonder if it would be worth having a Skype plug-in, or whether I could just fire up normal Skype and talk over the program. Then I thought, overkill, just use the old skool telephone! A reminder widget could also come in handy.

but the main thing right now is the content. It is so average right now, but the deals they have put in place with Viacom and some other companies that I can’t remember right now guarantee that it will get better.

although the connection worked great for me, I couldn’t realistically evaluate it because I have a 24mb connection. I tried to download stuff on iTunes and Bittorrent at the same time, and Joost still seemed to work fine, which was impressive. In conclusion, Joost is very promising. If all else fails and this software never takes off, at the very least, Joost should form a start for manufacturers thinking of the connected TV of the future. When I get invites, I know who I’m giving them to, but let me know in case I have any spare.




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3 03 2007
Miko Dela Cruz

Got spare token to share?

3 03 2007

Hey, if you have any extra invites, could I please have one? My email is

3 03 2007

Hey if you have any extra invites, may i have one please?
My email is
Thank you!

4 03 2007

If you have any extra invites, can you please send me one?

5 03 2007

If you have any extra invites, can you please send me one?

11 03 2007
Corrupted Mind

Despite your scepticism – I have my Joost invite. On my 7″ Q1 screen… fullscreen it was just like you avg mininova dl. It slowed my Q1 down a touch and if I were running it, I would be ill advised to have anything else running in the background. But that said, it good Joost! CM
Ps… I agree with all your content issues… but eveytime I’ve shown someone, their eyes opened wide… like the first time they saw tv.

26 03 2007

If you have any extra invites, can you please send me one?

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