The Wedding Bells S01E01 – Pilot

11 03 2007

While I was away, a new “dramedy” from David E. Kelley (Ally McBeal, Girls Club, Boston Public) started on Fox. Since I didn’t get to watch it, I asked my girlfriend just now what it was like, and these were her exact words.

Meh! Wasn’t anything spectacular. Maybe it was the quality I downloaded but it looked dated. It had the black gal from your fave prog on abc1 that I can’t remember the name of. You know the one with Andy Dick. Hmm, what else about it? It kept doing this weird zooming in thing, as if we were spying on the people, that just made it look like shoddy camera work. But just like Andy Barker PI, may be a better second ep.

She mentioned Andy barker because I thought the pilot was really average, but the second episode was superb, with Tony Hale at almost full Buster-like potential. More on that when I’ve watched a couple more. Hopefully I’ll get time to watch Wedding bells for myself sometime. Oh, and she was being sarcastic about Less Than Perfect. I would rather get chased by cheetahs for sport than watch 22 mins of that program, other than when I have to at work of course.




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11 03 2007
Free Wedding Invitations » The Wedding Bells S01E01

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11 03 2007

Oooh I’m famous. Kind of. Not at all.

I’ll give it another watch though when ep2 is available, see if it holds my attention.
It also had the woman from ‘Meet The Parents’, the one who is marrying Ben Stiller (You can see i’m not that good with names) as one of the sisters, and the photographer is the doctor from Desperate Housewives that Susan went out with briefly.Not that that any of this info, makes a difference to the programme, but just so you know who else is in it.

12 03 2007
Eduardo Lacdao

What I Loooovvveee Less Than Perfect (note sarcasm, it’s a pile of sh*t)

12 03 2007

It was OK TV, not the greatest and hardly something I’d stay in to watch. I’ll see how it goes after a few more episodes. I read that 13 episodes have been ordered, so it might work.

@ITG – It was Teri Polo Miss J!

8 04 2007

Well, according to Dark Horizons, it has now ceased production.

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