Andy Barker P.I.

12 03 2007

Never judge a program by It’s pilot. That is the message I am giving to you in 2007. Always always give a show a second chance to impress you. This announcement has been brought to you by episodes 2 and 3 of Andy Barker P.I., which have impressed me enough to not be too sad about 30 Rock not airing for the next 5 weeks. The pilot is free on iTunes at the moment, and airs on NBC this Thursday around 9ish maybe, but you shouldn’t concern yourself too much with that episode, this show is a real “grower”.

I plugged my ipod into my TV the other day to watch the aforementioned pilot, and although it can be attributed to tiredness from not being able to sleep on a turbulent flight back to London, nothing about the show jumped out at me, but now I look back and that is because it was mostly all setup for future eps.

It seems as though every week he will have a relatively easy case to solve, and he has a team of people that figure out the clues for him before he solves the mystery. The weird thing is, it is actually a premise with legs. If only I hadn’t already read somewhere that all we will be getting of this show is the 6 episodes that are available now.

His wife is played by the woman with the annoying voice from Ellen’s first, more successful sitcom. I’ve never laughed at her before, but even she has her moments on this. Andy’s accidental sidekick is played by Tony Hale, and he is getting funnier by the episode. He starts out as a below par Buster in the pilot, but by episode 3 he has taken on a new dimension that I haven’t seen from him before, and he is hilarious. Finally, it is produced by Conan O’Brien, the second best writer ever to grace The Simpsons writing room. Maybe he was the best, I just don’t know.

If there is one negative thing it is that Andy Richter only ever does one thing really well: confused face. Granted, this role gives him lots of chances to use that face but it could get tiring.

If you like comedy with a little bit of thought behind it, and sometimes filmed in a noir, LA Confidential type way, download Andy Barker P.I. from iTunes now, if you are in the US watch it free here, or tune in this Thursday on NBC. Click here for a short clip.




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