Catching up..

12 03 2007

Hello! I’ve back from Ghana where TV is either local soap operas shot by people with limited video camera ability, imported Latin American soap operas dubbed into English (now that is a new low), Idols (Yes, Simon Fuller can even sell snake oil in Africa) or those quiz shows where you can call in as many times as you want, the answer’s not right until they’ve turned a profit! So I had a week off from TV, and contrary to popular belief, I’m not smarter for the experience, I just have more TV to watch. So the last 3 days I’ve been catching up on my regulars and a lot of stuff has gone down in my TV world.

South Park returned for an Eleventh season with one of their best episodes of recent times. Topical as ever, it dealt with the state of New York’s recent decision to ban the use of the word “Nigger” (although how they plan to implement the ban is beyond me. Am I an outlaw in the big apple now because I just used it in that sentence?). The topic was dealt with very well, and I would urge you to check it out, especially if you are unsure when it is appropriate to use said wordage (i.e. never). Click here to watch the ep. As I mentioned waaay back, Trey and Matt don’t mind a bit of the old piracy.

I received a couple of texts while I was away about how good episode 18 of Heroes was, and even with a week of anticipation it didn’t disappoint. That shot at the end of Peter Petrelli’s lock of hair, fantastic way to end this little segment of episodes. I don’t like the new shape shifting girl though. Not in the sense that she is a bad character, it’s just that all rules go out of the window when you have a character who could be absolutely anyone. See the mess that is Mission: Impossible II and agree with me wholeheartedly. I can’t wait for the last few episodes, here is the trailer for the next one, on April 23rd.

I have to admit that The Sarah Silverman Program has become slightly funnier throughout it’s run. Although largely I think my only negatives have been that I don’t like her face. Or her voice. Or some of her humour. I guess those are quite big negatives in a sitcom led by Silverman as the main character. But she has this cocky look sometimes that makes me laugh, and every episode is guaranteed to have one line that makes me smile. I still can’t get over that “You snooze, you lose.. to the jews.” I must remember not to say that out loud, however great the compulsion gets.

My number one guilty pleasure Las Vegas went out with a bang last week, the fourth season finale delivering more thrills and spills than the previous 16 put together! NBC have announced that James Caan and Nikki Cox will not be with the show next year, which is weird, because they weren’t the characters left in mortal peril at the end of the finale. Apparently James Cann has been slating the program for years, but it is a shame to lose Nikki Cox, who seems like a nice girl. But don’t worry about her finding employment, she has already won the lead in a pilot that was called Fugly, but is now called The Stumps of Hollywood. Yea, that sounds like it’s going to get picked up.

I watched Scrubs last night and somewhere near the end it occured to me just how many racial jokes there have been this season, Now done correctly, mixed in with other kinds of humour, jokes about race are a goldmine of hilarity. But when they keep coming at you again and again, it gets less funny all the time. I wonder how Scrubs devotees feel about this. It was another good episode though, but doesn’t Elliott have a boyfriend. Was what she did at the end cheating, because that’s not like her at all? Or can you just kiss someone else on the lips sensually these days? I have to move with the times, I sound old-fashioned.

Skins was not bad this week, although tony is turning into a shadow of a creepy human being. He is just plain nasty, I can see why the actor was drawn to the role. One thing i didn’t like was that guy who played Arabella Weir’s character’s husband. He couldn’t act his was out of a paper bag!! the highlight was Arabella Weir being told her bum doesn’t look big though. I’ll telly you what else I loved, however anal it was. The correct use of technology, when Tony bluetoothed those pictures to Josh’s phone. You do not know how bothered I get when I see scripts that just invent new things that technology can do to tell their crap story. CSI and their “Zoom in 1,000,000%, and then clean it up a bit” springs to mind. Veronica Mars have the best writers who know what tech can do, and show it being implemented properly. I tell you James Bond doesn’t need Q, he just needs a macbook, a blackberry and a safety pin. But I digress.

Last night’s Simpsons on Fox had an excellent parody of the battle of Helm’s Deep in Lord of the Rings. Bart and Lisa managed to get hold of some free boxes that they used to build a fort in their back garden, and the guy from UPS swore to get them back by any means necessary. Click here to see the carnage.

Last, and definitely least, Lost. Another new character, another set of clues, more questions. And not even a Jack scene to make me angry this week, but Locke was a good substitute at “doing stupid things to advance the plot”. I’ll leave you with a great video piece that sums up the predicament the team behind Lost find themselves in.



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