24 S06E13 – 6:00pm-7:00pm

14 03 2007

Something old, something new. Ricky Shroeder was thrown into the mix as CTU agent Mike Doyle, the most Charisma-less agent I have seen since… well ever. Even when he grabbed Miles by the neck he didn’t seem like he was totally into it. Slightly more impressive was the return of Jean Smart as Martha Logan. The unsung hero of Season 5 returned in this episode and she brought the crazy back with her!

Now I don’t know if a season of 24 is set in stone from the outset, or whether producers get the chance to make changes to a storyline based on the reaction of the audience, but the first half of this season has been lacklustre to say the least. Pretty early on I realised that for shock value, the only person left to kill is Chloe O’Brien. I just checked IMDB and in 5 episodes time she will be second only to Jack Bauer in number of appearances in 24, from Season 3 onwards. Which means “she gots to go”! Anyone else, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid.

So back to my original question, did they bring in Ricky Shroeder and Jean smart to perk up the season? Because it only half worked. Another mouthy git at CTU that doesn’t endear himself to the audience only has one fate, but Martha Logan changed everything with her *Spoiler Alert* stabbing of her estranged husband. Although again, what do I care if he dies, he’s a nobody right now! A nobody with a beard.

The implications of his death mean that it is looking more certain that the nukes will be launched, and I guess that will spice up the rest of the season, but only if they blow up in the LA region, which to be honest would be a bit silly, I’m sure the terrorists would want to spread their bombs all over the country/world.

Whatever happens, I’ll watch it because it’s 24. But only the death of Chloe will make me sit upright. You heard it here first, true believers.




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