The Riches S01E01 – Pilot

14 03 2007

I only became aware of this airing on Monday night because of the promo appearing in that prime Youtube front page slot. That’s right, the one you know is a commercial so you never click on. Then a friend text me to say it was on, and I thought I would definitely give it a go. Boy am I sorry I did…

Where do I start? Eddie Izzard, that’s where. One of the funniest comedians of his generation, he is best known for his intricate stories that invariably end with So what made the suits at 20th think that he could play Wayne Malloy the hick traveler, albeit the smartest of his clan? I just didn’t buy it, any of it. that he was the father of those kids, that he would marry a woman like that, his accent, the pop culture references that he kept spouting, none of it was the character he was portraying.

Minnie Driver is a lot better as his wife Dahlia Malloy, a heroin addict who has just come out of the big house to be reunited with her gypsy family. She is very good at accents, and her striking jaw somehow lends itself to the deception.

But the thing that made me hate this show was the premise. It was so despicable I couldn’t believe it left the drawing board. The Malloys steal a lot of money from their fellow travelers, and in doing so become involved in a car chase that leads to the deaths of an innocent couple. Although they try and help this couple, the man has a tree branch through his chest and the woman is already dead. So the honest thing to do would be call the ambulance and turn your selves in right? the smart thing to do would be to call the police and flee the scene right? The ridiculous thing to do would be to steal their identities and live the lives of the people whose deaths you are responsible for! I’m not kidding!

From this point on I just wanted to turn it off, but my other half told me we’ve come this far so we’ll see it through. But I still managed to fall asleep 5 minutes from the end, meaning I had to watch the end of this stink-fest this morning. And I am not biased in any way, I really wanted it to work, but it doesn’t. Imagine a drama where a nuclear bomb could wipe out every character and you the viewer wouldn’t care, because they deserved it. That is how nasty these people are. Wild gypsy horses couldn’t get me to watch this again.

You can buy The riches from iTunes here. But don’t.




2 responses

15 03 2007

Shame, I was looking forward to this, from the very preview you mention on YouTube.

Think I’ll still download and have a watch, but perhaps with a derogatory sneer across my face.

Loving the site by the way.

15 03 2007

The thing is, I don’t know if most of my hate comes from the fact that Eddie Izzard is so miscast…. No, I’m sticking to my guns, he appears to be playing “Eddie Izzard as a gypsy”.

I’m loving the dergatory sneer idea, I reckon I might watch more stuff that way.
I’ve been told I’m too nice, but it’s just that i mostly watch good programmes. But I did enjoy writing about this crap, i must say.

Thanks for the compliment about the site, I do what I can!

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