And so it begins…

15 03 2007

With a report out today stating that less than half the UK can receive a digital signal, and Sky clouding the issue by launching a new, totally incompatible set-top box this summer, and with the future of HD Free-to-air up in the air, the analogue switch-off date was published today. On October 17th this year, BBC2 will no longer be available through an analogue antenna to the people of Whitehaven. First of all, I don’t know where that is. More importantly, this area covers only 25,000 homes, so if it turns out to be a disaster, on the scale of things it will be manageable. For those in the UK worried about their crappy TV suddenly not being able to pick up crappy antique shows and the outside courts at Wimbledon, there is a handy map here.




2 responses

22 03 2007
hdtv antenna geek

When high def TV will be available over the air in the UK?

22 03 2007

There will be an auction for the spectrum needed for HD over the air, and if the TV companies don’t win, the answer to your question will be… never.

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