Be… very fast.

16 03 2007

I wrote a little while back about Be, the internet provider that promise 24mb download speeds. The day I signed up it was fast, but after that it kind of fell into the 6-7mb zone, meaning my TV shows legal work related legal legal files were taking a little while to come.

But then I came back from holiday, and something was different. I went to get a 1.08gb file over bittorrent, busied myself for about 20 mins, gave it a check and… the file was done. Cool I thought, I got lucky. But I noticed as I added more torrents, the speed just kept rising, and it eventually peaked at 1.82 mbps, which was that fastest I’ve ever seen Azureus moving. From iTunes I can report a similar story. Five episodes of Andy Barker P.I. came to my mac in a little under 12 minutes.

I just did a speed test, and it topped out at 15.7mbps, even though I’ve clearly beaten that with a rusty pole. I am now at a stage where I am downloading random HD content just to “see the pretty pictures”. Good times. Good, super-fast times. If that doesn’t impress you, it means you are leading a well balanced life devoid of any sort of any form of geeky pleasures. That is all.




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16 03 2007
Corrupted Mind

Your success with Be makes me more and more depressed… Be is not available in my area, and the people who were supposed to be able to bring speeds faster than your wildest dreams are just… well not up to it (Damn you Telewest/Blueyonder/Virgin Media – Its hard to keep up with all the rebranding going on!) CM

16 03 2007

Mr/Mrs Mind, if you are with Virgin Media, call and say Sky One doesn’t seem to be working, they gave me a free 10mb broadband upgrade and Sky Sports for 6 months.

I do actually miss Sky One, but I’m using the nippier broadband to catch up.

16 03 2007
Eduardo Lacdao

Hmmm my connection is getting slower. Gut-ted!

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