The New Adventures of Old Christine S02E17 – Strange Bedfellows

21 03 2007

The only positive thing to come out out of my Saturday Night Live crap-o-rama was their constant reminders that I should watch Julia Louis-Dreyfuss’ new-ish show, The New Adventures of Old Christine. The program itself is a bog standard laugh-track sitcom, I much preferred Julia in the first season of the ‘doomed from the outset’ Watching Ellie.

But in last night’s ep there was a joke that made me chuckle slightly. It involved Christine’s ex-husband trying to prise her from the couch to go to a polling station and vote, while Christine was watching the latter stages of American Idol at home. And of the top of my head, it went a little something…like this.

Richard: If we leave now, we can get to the polling station and back in 20 mins.

Christine (staring blankly at the TV): But… Idol.

Richard: Can’t you Tivo it?

Christine: No, the Tivo is broken. We’re watching this live.. like animals!

Last night I had so many things to do, and I was trying to get them done in time for Life on Mars at 9pm. Then it dawned on me that I could take my time, and watch Life on Mars when I bloody well feel like watching it Thanks to Sky+. Trust me, I’m still getting used to it, but that is the way TV is headed. In my dystopian future, the only people watching their favourite programs on some schedule that a newspaper or magazine gives them will be akin to the cavemen that couldn’t outrun the animals of their era. Extinct. Don’t take my predictions for granted though, my future contains flying monkeys, Tom Cruise chasing down people that haven’t done anything and one ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them. Or something.




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21 03 2007
Corrupted Mind

I’m waiting for an on-demand news broadcast (preferably by the BBC – but I’d go as far as Al-Jazeera) with the production values of a news bulletin (6pm, 10pm, 7pm @ C4) rather this continuous bs that is like having extended diarhea (and some downladable hardtalk and newsnight) and I’ll be free of scheduled tv forever (I promise).

21 03 2007

That is available now. Press the red button on BBC One and choose news multi screen. The screen splits in four with one for the latest 2 minute bulletin, one with 2 mins of sport, one with the weather and right now the fourth is showing the budget in it’s entirety. Problem solved, ditch that old school TV forever! Oh I see, you meant a bulletin online… how about the bulletins on

22 09 2007
warren bayreuther

julia,that purple dress made you look like a total knockout!i always knew you were good looking but i had to look 3-4 times at that pic of you in usa today.i was flabbergasted-absolutley smokin hot and stunning-hell,i may have to start watching your show ow.haha best of luck!

14 03 2011

That’s quite a future you have envisioned. I just recently discovered “The New Adventures Of Old Christine” and now find myself hoping for reruns. I watch the show in HD through my employee subscription to DISH Network. My next project is to get all “The New Adventures Of Old Christine” reruns recorded on my DVR so my roommate and I don’t have to watch it live, “like animals!” What a great show! Julia Louis-Dreyfus does an awesome job playing ‘Old Christine’ without seeming like a modern representation of Elaine from “Seinfeld”. Thanks for the article.

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