Rush Hour S01E01

22 03 2007

No not the Chris Tucker/Jackie Chan action comedy franchise, a new BBC Three sketch comedy. After all my slating of the BBC and their constant barrage of “quirky” sketch comedies (where characters come on screen, utter a catchphrase, and then do the same thing a further 5 times in different situations over the next 5 weeks, before the final week they display a bit of pathos), I think I am the ideal person to point out when BBC have done something right! The loose link between the sketches is that they all take place in or on some form of transport. This is actually funny, with lots of characters only slight distortions of people we know in real life. The funniest are the dad who is really harsh to his son, and the wannabee idol/x-factor girl.

The first episode of Rush Hour is repeated tonight at 9.. something. Check your listings. Oh, and if you pause it at 11:34 and look at the top of the picture, you will see my friend Mandy! Now you’ve made it Mand!




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22 03 2007

I really dislike the license fee – but BBC3 commedy is worthy of a small chunk and Rush Hour is very good. Not sure if it is as good as ‘under one roof’ – which was a BBC3 comedy pilot (unsure if it was commissioned)

23 03 2007

The licence fee is in place to fund television that advertisers wouldn’t pay for. Although I don’t like the idea of a TV tax, it is better than letting proctor and gamble, unilever and cadburys decide my nights viewing, who I’ll be voting off a… whatever, which soap is going to make me turn off my TV quickest, that sort of thing.

The problem with advertisers is they don’t see viewers as intelligent people, when I am assured some of us are. So with advertiser funded program you very quickly reach the lowest common denominator, and BBC for me provides a welcome alternative.

Ironically the rise in the licence fee can be attributed to the pointless BBC3. The channel was setup to get people to “go digital” and now almost everyone is. There is nothing original on that channel that couldn’t go out on BBC2. Maybe 2 new programmes a night, sometimes one. It’s a waste of Freeview space.

What I would like to see is a subscription fee for the BBC, rather than a licence. And if you don’t pay it, it becomes encrypted and you can’t watch. BBC TV, Radio, online, interactive, gone unless you pay a sub of £130 a year.

It would be interesting to see how many people would refuse to pay, but would still fork out £540 a year to make sure they get their “sky digikal!”

I will have a look for that “Under One Roof” pilot, but if it turns out to be a sketch show for 25-34 year olds with random people spouting repetitive catchphrases in different situations with a laugh track backing up the banality of it all… there will be rage!

27 03 2007

I like the idea of a subscription based service for the Beeb. Because being ‘forced’ to pay an annual fee to just watch TV is archacic. However I do like BBC neutrality and the scope of what they produce so I am in two minds really..

Under one roof, is hilarious I can assure you. Some critics have said ‘its the funniest thing in years’ while a BBC insider said ‘we would be crazy not to commission this show’

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