NBC Universal and News Corp team up for “Youtube killer”.

23 03 2007

Remember when the networks gathered together and decided that they would build a competitor to Youtube, in an attempt to crush their dominance? Everybody laughed, and the news went away. WEll today at least two of those networks are still friends, and have announced a new online video distribution service. I can’t even be bothered to reword it, or be funny about it, I’m too tired right now (hence the less than funny title post) but I wanted to get the news out there. Read the Associated Press story after the jump.

NEW YORK – NBC Universal and News Corp. joined forces Thursday with several major Internet companies to distribute TV shows, video clips and movies online in an effort to better control their programming and counter competition from YouTube.

The new network, which would launch this summer, comes in response to the explosive growth Google Inc.’s YouTube, a do-it-yourself video-sharing site that is being sued by Viacom Inc., another major media company, for copyright infringement.

The venture is aimed at giving broadcasting companies like NBC and News Corp., which owns the Fox broadcast network and the Twentieth Century Fox movie and TV studio, greater control over how their shows are distributed on the Internet. NBC, a unit of General Electric Co., also owns the Universal film studio and several cable channels including Bravo.

Rather than create one online destination, the shows will be available through a number of Web sites that already receive large amounts of visitors, including Yahoo, Time Warner Inc.’s AOL, Microsoft Corp.’s MSN, and MySpace, which is owned by News Corp.

The last part is the strangest, not having an online destination. So where am I going to get the embed code to show people the clips on my blog? Maybe I missed something, but I thought the beauty of Youtube was the fact that you go to one place to get all the video you can think of? Is all these two companies unveiled a media player for their own social sites? If that is the case, initial grade C-.




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