TV/life Roundup

23 03 2007

I have been on a first aid course this week learning to save lives (that is to say, if your life is threatened by 10cm of water or a chicken wing in your throat) and the upshot of this is that I haven’t actually watched that much TV, as I had to revise for the 3 part assessment that took place yesterday.

Now I’m packing to go away for the weekend, but before I go I thought I would give you my thoughts on the few shows I did manage to squeeze in between reading about strokes and heart attacks.

Lost was very good for a change, but it no longer commands it’s own post on this forum. We finally found out why John Locke was in a wheelchair 80 days ago, and the reason didn’t disappoint. After Locke blew up that submarine, I’m expecting much more “Angry Jack” next week. But somehow Locke’s actions to stay on the island seem a lot more rational now.

Scrubs was fantastic, this season may well be up there with 1 and 2. BTW, has anybody noticed how much i like ranking stuff? Best this, top 3 that, worst ever… I just need to let it go. A great little story between a Christian and an Athiest ended badly, I will most def be tuning in next week for the conclusion to that one.

Dirt is getting much better. Only problem is that next week is the finale. I did miss a couple in the middle somewhere, but by episode 12 the characters have definitely found their feet, and the storylines actually seem to matter, as opposed to the series of kinky sex scenes that seemed to make up the first few eps.

In other news, South Park (S11E03) was yay, 24 (S06E14) Rules of Engagement (S01E07) and  How I met Your Mother (S02E17) were nay, and In Case of Emergency (S01E09) avoid like the bubonic. Or the pneumonic, I forget which was worse.

Right now I’m just digesting the fact that I walked past Virgin Megastore on Oxford Street last night, took a picture of the non-existent queue (I now know they were inside) and chuckled to myself about how there were plenty of PS3’s to go round, and even people that pre-ordered could walk in and pick them up tomorrow morning. I woke up this morning to find that the first 100 people in the queue received a free 46″ Sony Bravia worth about £2000. And Sony paid for the cab ride home! But I’m not bitter. Just slightly twisted. Great PR move from Sony there. I bet they didn’t give them HDMI cables though. and can you imagine being the 101st person in line? I would almost advocate violence in this instance if i missed out like that. I am consoling myself with the huge amount of PS3’s selling on ebay right now for less than people originally paid for them.

and now I’ll leave you all with this wonderful first aid fact. Do you know why human beings faint? Basically when you come across something you don’t like, your animal instinct kick in and your body sends blood rushing to the legs in preparation of the running that you are about to start doing. But as you are a rational human being, you don’t run anywhere, brain zooms away from your brain and vital organs, and before you know it you are on the floor! See, every day is a school day! Peace!




2 responses

23 03 2007

free TVs?!?! kind of bitter about it, as like you I walked past, took a photo and sniggered…

23 03 2007
Corrupted Mind

A free 46″ Bravia – Only God (and Ed) knows what I would have had to do to get it into my home!!! (snigger)

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