Crime solving acronyms?

27 03 2007

One thing I noticed on the hotel TV in Bilbao, German channel SAT-1 were launching a new home grown drama after US snoozefest NCIS (I mean, what the fud is this, why don’t we just investigate crimes in one industry, how limiting is tha… rant for a different day Edward, calm down and focus) and this new drama also had an acronym, RIS.

This German programme looked like a bog standard clone from the promo, but it got me thinking about other CSI clones around the world. The one that came to mind was British drama MIT (Murder investigation Team) that ran for two series on ITV but was crap from day one.

There was this Australian show called RPA that I always assumed was a forensics drama, but I just looked it up and it turns out it was a docu-drama about Royal Prince Alfred hospital and it’s patients, waaay too tenuous a link to use in this post.

But my point is, I certainly don’t know about TV from around the world, does anyone know of any other CSI clones from around the world that tried to grab a piece of that local audience with a dazzling acronym? A B.U.M, F.A.R.T or even a P.O.O?

I’ve written a script about investigating murders in nunneries and I’ve called it V.I.R.G.I.N.S. It writes itself really, Angelina Jolie is onboard and Will Smith has expressed an interest in coming back to TV for this project only. Now I just need to come up with seven words that match up and make sense.



2 responses

29 03 2007

Here’s three words for the end to get you started.

In Nunnery Slaughters? I think your onto a winner. got to be way better than NCIS

29 03 2007

oooh, the pressure is on now. Ok, imagining my lead character name is “Victor”, I could have Victor Investigates Rapes [and] Gougings In Nunnery Slaughters. that is awesome. I’m headed off to the copyright office now!!

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