Lost S03E14 – Expose

30 03 2007

That was the most chilling episode of Lost that I think I have seen. And as a result of this ep I take back one of my biggest criticisms of Season 3, Nikki and Paolo. They had a plan for these two all along, from the moment Paolo went to the toilet in the Pearl station and someone on Ain’t it Cool decided that they wanted him known as the “takes a shit” guy from that moment onwards.
So they were a couple of jewel thieves all along. I knew they were dodge. What is really satisfying is that every line from both of them, every scene this year where you found yourself thinking “who are they?” was justified. I remember exec producer Carlton Cuse, when faced with a question about all the other survivors that never get to do anything, said last summer that there would be some great stories about them this year, and I remember not believing him in the slightest. If they didn’t plan this from the beginning of Season3, they did a good job of dealing with two characters that the fans never seemed to get along with.

I loved the fact that they brought back so many of the original cast to star in this flashback heavy ep, and as an editor I could appreciate seeing scenes from a new angle and reshot stuff, it also took me back to a simpler time when Lost was good every week, and I didn’t have so much frustration at the pacing of the story.

I won’t spoil any of the episode because I think you should all watch it, but in contrast to recent weeks, I was hanging on until the final seconds to see if they would get out of the predicament that they find them selves in, but in true Alfred Hitchcock/Roald Dahl style, they didn’t. And as the camera panned down, you realised that this episode was a public service announcement on the dangers of greed, and where it can get you. Amen to that.




2 responses

1 04 2007

I’d say don’t write Nikki off so fast. Vincent was pretty keen to uncover her once and methinks he may have just done so again…

2 04 2007

The thing is the actress that plays Nikki has been cast in ABC’s pilot “Football Wives”. I can imagine that her waking up is contingent on whether that show is picked u por disappears without a trace…

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