Video of the Week – Sopranos Recap

31 03 2007

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, a highlight of the week in the style of Harry Hill’s TV Burp, but it could be anything from the world of online video to traditional televisual fare. Although knowing me, ‘Video of the Week’ will quickly degenerate into a propaganda campaign designed to make you watch Arrested Development.

This week I have a truly wonderful clip that I have now added to the list of “Best things I’ve seen on Youtube”. It’s a recap of six seasons of Sopranos, leading into the final 9 episodes starting April 8 on HBO. No word on when it starts on E4/C4. The montage covers everything, and if you watch it enough times and pay close enough attention you needn’t spend close to £60 each on the boxsets at your local DVD emporium. Watch it after the jump, and pay particular attention between 3:21 and 3:23 😉

Fantastic show, one of the best TV programs I have been privileged enough to watch. Click here for the trailer for the final 9 episodes.




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