The Sopranos S06E13 – Soprano Home Movies

3 04 2007

As Etta James might say, “At laaaaast!” The return of The Sopranos is welcome, there is a dearth (oh, I use that word all the time) of quality on my imac/TV at the moment. A version of this episode, the first of the final nine, was leaked onto the internet in really poor quality. Normally I wouldn’t watch something that bad, but I just couldn’t wait so I gave it the once over last night, and here are my initial thoughts!

The first scene was a flashback to the end of season 5, with Tony running through the snow from the feds, and throwing his gun away. Well a new scene shows a kid picking up the gun, shooting it and carrying it back to his house. Fast fwd to today and Tony is being arrested on a weapons charge, something to do with hollow-point ammunition. Anyway, he beats the rap temporarily and decides to go up to the log cabin to get away from it all.story focused mainly on Tony’s relationship with Bobby ‘Bacala’ Baccalieri, Janice’s husband. What seemed like a sedate trip up to the log cabin turned into a tension filled microcosm of Tony Soprano’s life at the moment.

After Janice tells a story that displays how crazy the Soprano family was when they were growing up, Tony gets angry and starts to insult her slyly throughout the evening. After a warning from Bobby, another insult aimed at Janice gets Tony punched in the face by Bobby and a full scale fight fight breaks out that leaves Tony flat on his back with a black eye.

The analogy is that when he feels threatened, he lashes out but seemingly the reason for all this is to impress Carmella. And the source of his anger is always his parents, especially his mother. His physical condition means he has relinquished a degree of control. That’s my theory in a nutshell.

Anyway, it was good to have the show back after almost a year away. I forgot about how tense it is, even moreso now that I know that people could be “offed” at any moment. The dramatic use of music was back in full effect, the eerie silences were pure HBO (you know what I mean) and there was still room for the odd dark comedic line.

The down sides were the only fleeting appearance of Michael Imperioli as Christopher Moltisanti (but I guess they will come back to that storyline in a big way), and Uncle Jun not in it at all as I can remember, not even in flashback or dream sequence. I love that senile old bastard! I will cherish every one of these episodes. God, I sound like I work for Time Warner.




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4 04 2007

Hell I know what you mean. I am always telling people it is the finest television show ever written, and can only agree with your theory about Tony’s control ‘issues’.

Just hope Uncle Junior and Dr Melfi show up soon, oh and they have to give Walnuts more screen time, I’ll miss him above everything else in the show, the way he can turn from hilarious to downright psychotic in the blink of an eye is pure genius, in both the writing and the acting.

Just wish I hadn’t watched the screener doing the rounds as I now have a 2 week wait for the next episode.

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