Azureus, Joost and me

4 04 2007

JoostA couple of new things happened today in the brave new world of online TV. First of all, I noticed that Azureus’ deal with BBC worldwide had kicked in, on their new Beta channel. I saw an episode of The Mighty Boosh available to rent for 1 cent (nice price) and thought I would have me some of that random comedy. But no, Azureus had already clocked my location thatnks to my IP address, and I had a message saying “this content is not available to you” Why the hell not? I helped fund it through the licence fee!

After waiting quite a while for BBC on Azureus, this was a bit of a disappointment. Check out the online beta selection here. Great interface and love the video preview option, but the WMV codec, windows media player and IE6+ needed means as a Mac user I’m out. Oh well, they don’t get my cent. Onwards and upwards.

I went on to open Joost for the first time in about a month after being told there was a new version available. The last Mac OSX version kept crashing on exit, so I gave up on it. I don’t like anything that makes my Mac crash. A few channels have been added since I was last there, but again nothing for me in the UK! Whatever happened to the global village? I don’t particularly want to watch MTV, but I would like the choice. Check out the Joost channel selection here. So I consoled myself by watching a program about Ronaldo (the original one) on the “Soccer Channel”. It was crap but the best thing on Joost if you aren’t in the US, Benelux or the Nordic region. Hopefully this will change soon. A full review of Joost is just around the corner. I just figured out how to give out invites.




6 responses

4 04 2007
Edward Lacdao

All these TV thingy-majiggs sound like foreign sweets! Mmmm TV! Sending this from work. BRAP!

5 04 2007

Any chance you might want to give someone a joost invite? I’ve been looking for awhile and have been dying to try it. John-Riley (also a mac user)

5 04 2007
Corrupted Mind

Nothing but positives on the whole Joost upgrade front… smaller HDD footprint, less processor intensive and quicker (I don’t know how they did that). I fell for the hype with the “Even More Channels” but found that the only one that caught my attention was the soccer channel (another real ronaldo fan… I’m afraid). I can’t help thinking that they need more programming quick… as this still feels like a more processor/desktop real estate grabbing version of You tube!

7 04 2007
Joe Avento

I see you figured out how to give Joost invites. Is there and chance you could provide me with one? I would like to try it and I can’t do it without being invited.

Thank you in advance.

Joe Avento

12 04 2007

Hi, I would really appreciate receiving a Joost invite, too!
Thanks in advance, Vito

16 04 2007

No reply yet. Can I have an invite to Joost?

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